Welcome to Afripreneur adverts section that helps you reach your potential market through our Afripreneur banners.

Afripreneur Media resources (Afripreneur Online Magazine and Afripreneur Community) is growing to become Nigeria and Africa's best & largest resource for entrepreneurial & business content. The Afripreneur group on Facebook, where we started from is one of the largest facebook groups in Nigeria and Africa with over 90,000 members.

Afripreneur in three years has built a reputation for resourceful and supportive entrepreneurial content seeked by aspiring, growing & successful entrepreneurs, managers, marketing & sales executives, Consultants, professionals, employees, etc. We have a matured audience age between 18 to 55 years with over 70% between 25 - 40 years of age during our last assessment.

We invite you to use Afripreneur advert spaces on any of our media sites as part of your total media strategy, for various reasons which includes but not limited to;

a. You will have exposure to our National and worldwide (Majorly Nigerians & Africans in United Kingdom, USA, Asia, Middle-East, etc) reach.

b. You don't spend too much as our advert prices are very modest. Our banners last for either one week, one month, two months or three months depending on your choice.

c. You can kill two birds with a stone by not only reaching our National & worldwide online readers, but letting people know more about you and your business with our featured post (which we recommend.

d. You have a choice of using still or animated advert designs/logos/icons or a combination of them, banners carrying all your information.

e. Our adverts also appear on mobile which makes it easy for our increasing global readership to view your advert.


We offer exciting and affordable options of advert rates to interested advertisers. Your banners will be displayed at specific locations as you please / as are available.

Below are some of the rate options to pick from. Advert Placement Prices Banner Size/Location


Banner Size  Location 1-week   1-month  2-months
 Sidebar box(350 × 300)  All Pages  N5,000  N17,000 N30,000

 Top / Bottom box (330 × 110)

All Pages  N6,000   N20,000 N35,000

 SPECIAL wide bottom box(1024 × 200)

 All Pages  N25,000  N90,000 N160,000


  • Special sizes and choice of placement are subject to negotiations.
  • All prices are quoted in Nigerian Naira (NGN).

For special advert requirement, Contact Us for a discussion and an exceptional quote. Call +234 818 703 8836, +234 813 613 5357

Payment can be made to our Afripreneur on request.

1. All adverts must be delivered in electronic version via e-mail in the ordered pixel dimension (file size) unless otherwise stated. In consideration of our readers on slower connections, we ask that file sizes be kept below 15KB.

2. Please note that all banner adverts must be in .gif, .jpeg or flash format.

3. In order to keep fast page load times as well as improve security, we will host all banners off our servers.

4. Our advertising policy is so flexible that we can accommodate any request from an advertiser so long as it is legal and conforms to our editorial policy. 

5. Rates are subject to change but adverts currently running are protected from increase until the duration of the placement expires. An advert run starts the day the advert is published on the Afripreneur online magazine and runs for the period paid for.

6. Payment must accompany all advertisement. Payment either in cash, cheques or money transfer must be payable to the above banker information.

7. Afripreneur, its officers or business partners shall in no way be liable for any cost or damage if for any reason it fails to publish the advert on our Afripreneur online magazine as a result of natural cause, internet interruption, slowdown, fires or any other condition beyond the control of Afripreneur.

8. Afripreneur reserves the right to accept, reject and/or cancel any advert at its sole discretion. Adverts are accepted on the condition that the advertiser agrees to indemnify Afripreneur, its officers and its business partners against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising from the online publishing adverts.

9. Conversion rates are based on the prevailing exchange rate for all local adverts.

10. Afripreneur is not responsible for the content of sites linked from www.TheAfripreneur.com and www.afripreneur.co .

Thank you for your interest in supporting Afripreneur! If you have any questions or you are ready to get started, just get in touch with us.

To advertise on Afripreneur, here are the steps 
1. Check the adverts rates and all adverts information for Afripreneur
2. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the advert category that is of interest to you and your business
3. A response will be sent to you regarding your request and time of availability
4. Get a good graphics designer to get your ad banner designed and ensure that it is borderless. The size should be to the size of the banner area you are interested in advertising in and should not exceed 30kb.
5. For a quality banner, you have the option to use our www.TheSupportMe.com platform to get trusted professionals to make the design at competitive rates.
6. Once done, send it to Afripreneur for approval
7.  once approved, you can then proceed to make payment to the bank account details for adverts on the advert rates and information section.
8. After payment, notify the Afripreneur advertising team by sending an email or SMS of your payment and advert details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any of our numbers - +234 818 703 8836, +234 813 613 5357
9. A reply will be sent to you therafter containing a code that will be tagged to the advertising service for tracking your advert. 
10. Another email will be sent to you to notify you of the time your advert will go online.

For further enquiries, payments, advert placements, and exceptional quotes, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also fill our online contact form to make your request or call +234 818 703 8836, +234 813 613 5357

Yours in Afripreneurship, 
The Afripreneur Adverts Team, 
www.Afripreneur.co .

For: Afripreneur, 
God Bless Nigeria, God Bless Africa.

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